Wanted: Responsible Management Community Champions

'Managing Responsibly Group' on LinkedinThe Center for Responsible Management Education aims at facilitating responsible management learning globally. One of the most important learning environments are communities of practice. The open ‘Managing Responsibly Network’ group on LinkedIn is an initiative co-constructing a global community of responsible management practitioners online.

The ‘Managing Responsibly Network’ is a global group of people interested in practicing sustainability, responsibility and ethics on the job. While the group is open to anyone, many members are current or former participants of the massive open online course ‘Managing Responsibly: Practicing Sustainability, Responsibility and Ethics’.

We are currently looking for volunteers interested in responsible management who would like to contribute in the role of Responsible Management Community Champions and to become Practicing Fellows of the Center for Responsible Management Education. Community Champions are professionals who foster the development of the Managing Responsibly Network as a virtual, global community of learning for sustainability, responsibility and ethics and of practitioners who make a difference in the non-virtual world. This may include a variety of activities:

  • Share relevant and topical media, such as, videos, reports, surveys, online courses.
  • Suggest and facilitate discussion on concrete tasks, problems and challenges of managing responsibly.
  • Spark reflection, discussion and conversation among members through provocative ideas.
  • Share or organize engagement opportunities online and in the real world (e.g. webinars, conferences, workshops).
  • Share responsible management jobs related to sustainability, responsibility and ethics.
  • Get connected with group members and invite new members to strengthen and grow the network.
  • Motivate other members to become Responsible Management Community Champions as well!
  • Be creative to strengthen and co-construct an impactful community of practicing learners in other ways.

Funmi Ade an international development consultant and an alumni of the Managing Responsibly MOOC is the first out of hopefully many Responsible Management Community Champions to come:

Funmi Ade is an international development consultant with expertise in strategy and management consulting, currently based in UK.  With cross- sector experience, she works mainly with social enterprises, small and medium businesses, directly or through donor funded projects.  Using change management techniques, she ensures growth, profitability and sustainability to clients, she has experience of the Middle – East, Asia and Africa.  A qualified tutor she delivers senior management and transformational leadership courses to public, private and voluntary organizations.  She runs a social enterprise aimed at gender equality, bringing innovation into the delivery of support and advisory services, to women owned micro businesses.  Her interest is bringing sustainability into enterprise architecture and supply chains, while ensuring processes are efficient and optimized to reduce resource waste.  Her work in addition includes that with corporate entities, on a contractual basis. An avid blogger, a mentor, has sat on many Boards and committees, with objectives in enterprise, social inclusion, youth and regeneration.  She conducted book reviews for her professional institute.  Currently a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, Ms. Funmi Ade may be contacted at adefunmi@outlook.com

If you are interested in becoming a Responsible Management Community Champion, please get in touch with Oliver Laasch or with Funmi Ade.