Call AOM PDW: Responsible Management Education in Action

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite your contribution to the proposal of a professional development workshop titled “Responsible Management Education in Action II: A Competence-Based Approach” for the 2015 AOM Annual Meeting in Vancouver. We structure our workshop along the four competence areas of 1) “knowing” (cognitive competences), 2) “doing” (procedural competences) 3) “relating” (social competences), and 4) “being” (self-competences) for responsible management. In the workshop we will first briefly introduce this structure and then discuss each field in round tables.

We are looking for colleagues who would like to contribute short (5 minutes) round table presentations highlighting educational approaches and practices for the creation of responsible management competencies (including competencies for sustainability, responsibility, ethics, and related normative orientations in management) in one of the four above described areas.

If you are interested, we would like to ask you to please send us  a 400 words summary ( outlining your contribution and showing to which of the four areas it connects (for more information, please see the proposal here: Competencies for Responsible Management PDW). Also, we would ask you to provide a) your contributor information (full name, affiliation, e-mail, postal address), b) confirmation that you comply with the AOM “3+3” rule, and c) that you commit to attending if accepted. We will be able to consider proposals received until the 11th of January.

Also, if you are interested in the topic, but feel for some reasons unable to contribute this time, please let us know and we keep you updated. For further information on “a competence-based approach to responsible management education”, please have a look at this practice-oriented post by clicking here. The PDW is a sequel to last year’s award-winning PDW “Responsible Management Education in Action: Frameworks, Methods, and Educational Practice”.

Best regards,

Oliver Laasch & Dirk Moosmayer