Book ‘Fostering Spirituality in the Workplace’

Priscilla Berry (University of Florida)


The Book and Its Context

Fostering Spirituality in the Workplace: A Leader’s Guide to Sustainability begins a vital conversation by introducing new thought paradigms to challenge current business practices, create a vision for the future, and provide a road map to navigate this uncharted territory.

Change is accelerating! The effect on business organizations is dramatic. For example, consider how long the average company from the S&P 500 stays in the index. In 1955 it was estimated to be 45 years; in 1975, 26 years and in 2009, 17 years. At this rate only half of the companies that appeared in the 2010 S&P 500 Index are likely to survive through 2020.

A corporation with a business model that operates solely in the interest of its shareholders is unsustainable. This book explores historical data, analyzes current events from the global stage, and delivers an emerging worldview that challenges many existing business and cultural paradigms.  Survival depends upon the willingness to adapt and change. Dr. Berry outlines specific actions that you must consider to lead & prosper in the evolving economic & moral environment of the 21st century.

How to use it?

The book works well in a course on ethics and/or leadership and provides  interactive exercises, easily adapted, at the end of each chapter. In addition, the text is used successfully in seminars and workshop on ethics and compliance & provides a robust reading list at the end of each chapter. Just for purchase by anyone in a leadership role, the book’s Postscript list the Rules for leadership and outlines personal strategy for anyone seeking power.


Dr. Priscilla Berry is a Senior Adjunct Lecturer in the Hough Graduate School, The Warrington College of Business Administration at the University of Florida instructing both U.S. and International graduate students.

She is currently researching, publishing, lecturing, and speaking on issues related to business cultural transformation, business ethics, executive leadership, education reform, and social media. Business Expert Press, published Dr. Berry’s  book: A Leader’s Guide to Sustainability, edited by Oliver Laasch as part of a series of 12 books on Responsible Management Education (PRM).  The book focuses on corporate profit, ethics, cultural transformation, and sustainability─four areas that she sees as critical responsibilities for corporate leadership.

Dr. Berry’s teachings and writings are recognized internationally.  The Oxford Women’s Forum at St. Anne’s College, England invited her as one of 40 international symposium presenters on issues concerning career paths and challenges for women. In July of 2013, Dr. Berry was an invited guest for the World Justice Project Forum in The Hague. She joined participants from over 20 countries and helped craft the criteria for education-reform incubator projects. Dr. Berry has also taught graduate students at the University of Caen, Paris France. Dr. Berry is the author of numerous peer-reviewed papers.

Dr. Berry has a Jacksonville, FL based consulting firm, Berry & Associates. Dr. Berry, through her academic studies, recognized that the evolving global economy and the availability of big data challenged typical corporate business structures. The firm specializes in programs to assist corporations in solving internal and external cultural and communication challenges as well as associate development and leadership management training. Dr. Berry is certified via the Center for Creative Leadership in 3600 personal evaluations.

Dr. Priscilla Berry is a graduate of the University of Mississippi with degrees in English, literature, and humanities. As a business consultant, she has worked as a Major Account’s Executive in marketing for Americall, LDC, served as Director of Public Relations with Communications Planning Corporation, recruited to Author training materials for Interline, a subsidiary of U.S. West Corporation, designed advertising and promotion packages for DuPont Corporation, and developed marketing strategy for Communications Planning, Inc. Dr. Berry has also conducted workshops on leadership training for CSX Transportation, Duval County Schools, and the Army Corp of Engineers among other well-know organizations.