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Course Design Challenges in Responsible Management

Currently, the design of courses for responsible business and management is a priority at many business schools, be it in the form of new courses, or as redesign of existing courses. In this post, we will highlight main challenges in the

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Preview Textbook: “Principles of Responsible Management”

Background After five years of work from idea to publication, the first United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) textbook, “Principles of Responsible Management,” will be published through Cengage end of 2013. The book, lead-authored by Oliver Laasch and Roger N.

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Web-Course “Social Entrepreneurship and Project Management”

The Center for Responsible Management Education, for the fifth time, organizes the Course “Social Entrepreneurship and Project Management” for the Master of Arts in Responsible Management of the Institute Corporate Responsibility Management of Steinbeis University Berlin. Social entrepreneurship and project

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