Supporting the NEXT Responsible Management Study in Brasil

IdeiaSustentavelBy Marília Carneiro Ferreira (Ideia Sustentável)

The study Next: Observatório de Tendências em Sustentabilidade (Observatory in Sustainability Trends) is inserted within the Plataforma Liderança Sustentável (Sustainable Leadership Platform) – a movement created by the Brazilian consultancy Ideia Sustentável: Estratégia e Inteligência em Sustentabilidade – gathering 30 CEOs and 11 executives from main businesses in Brazil, around the mission to inspire and educate new leaders for sustainability.

The purpose of NEXT is to deal with issues essential to sustainability management and in each quarterly publication a new theme within this broad spectrum is shown. In its 38th edition, the deals with five challenges related to the use of management tools for sustainability addressing the externalities, the materiality, the mainstreaming of responsible management through the organization, the creation of value, and the connectivity of tools.

For this edition, the book Principles of Responsible Management: Glocal Sustainability, Responsibility, and Ethics, written by Oliver Laasch and Roger N Conaway was the main resource used for the research. Besides being up to date, the book exposes a refined analysis. The collaboration of Oliver Laasch and his interview conceded to the team, helped to create the connection between the theme through his expertise in responsible management, standing out among names such as John Elkington and Wayne Visser, who contributed with articles. The Ideia Sustentável, through NEXT, inspires leaders inside organizations and brings forth reflection so that a systemic transformation begins to consolidate inside the corporate environment. Oliver will address 190 Brazilian business executives gathered at the launch of the study on February 25th 2015 through a video conference.

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  1. […] During the event, the public also counted with the participation of the main validator of the study, Oliver Laasch, a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research at the University of Manchester and founder of the Center for Responsible Management Education. As co-author of the book Principles of Responsible Management: Glocal Sustainability, Responsibility, and Ethics, the specialist spoke to the participants directly from England, about the importance of sustainability to both individual dimension and strategy – the comprehension of each one of collaborators from the organizations and also the insertion of the concept on planning and operations. For more information on the collaboration with the Center for Responsible Management Education, please click here. […]