Reviews “Principles of Responsible Management” Textbook

PRME Text Book

“The outcome is more than a single dish; it is more like a rich buffet of ideas that offers a menu of the conventional and the new in a variety of sauces, both tasty and intriguing” -Academy of Management Learning and Education Review Paper (2015) by D. Jeffrey Lenn, George Washington University

“This will be an important textbook . . . I would select this for the required textbook for courses I teach.” –Robert Fleming, National University of Singapore

“Principles of Responsible Management is the book that many of us have been waiting for–a remarkable tour de force that integrates responsible management with all of the key disciplines involved in successfully managing the modern enterprise. Its comprehensive coverage and timely emphasis on the responsibilities inherent in each of the management functions, combined with both a global (actually, ‘glocal’) and historical perspective on how these functions fit together, make it an invaluable classroom and managerial resource for anyone interested in managing for a better future.” -Sandra Waddock, Boston College

“This is a real game changer, we have to design a course around it!” –Anonymous professor at the AOM annual convention 2014

“This book achieves an exquisite synergy of structure and content that reminded me of the metaphor of the duck. When you see a duck gliding on a lake, it all seems effortless and smooth; but underneath the surface the duck is powerfully paddling to move against the current.  The writing style and logical structure of the book, combined with the pedagogical resources that make the text so accessible, provide the reader a smooth gliding experience: it is that kind of engaging textbook that invites us to read it back to back, effortlessly. But when we are ready to go deeper, under the surface, we can more fully appreciate all the work that is going on: not only the work that the authors put into offering us a wealth of knowledge and avenues for further investigation, but the energy they give us to move forward with that work ourselves.” -Regina Bento, Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore

“I have enjoyed actually teaching from your book and from your PPTs. I learned much and so did the students!!” -Donald Huisingh, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“I think you have found a real niche in the market of 100s of text books. I am teaching a course on Sustainable Global Business starting on Monday, and I could not find another text book with an emphasis on Sustainability.” –Rob Marjerison, Wenzhou-Kean University

“This publication is long overdue! Oliver Laasch and Roger Conaway have taken a giant stride towards realizing responsible management. Their approach leads us to believe that we have almost achieved that goal. However, it is time for fundamental change in the choice of materials and production processes. Let’s be creative, innovative and beneficial for environment and society. Merely being responsible is boring!” –Michael Braungart, Rotterdam School of Management 

“The expectation on ‘what to follow’ is set on the first page with the box “You will be able to . . .” and the rest of the chapters are very well structured according to these aims. The structure, as well as the central theoretical arguments in each chapter, develop very logically and the coherence of each chapter is maintained very well.” –Beth M. Ritter, North Carolina State University

“I’ve now worked my way through most of Principles of Responsible Management.  It is an impressive achievement (high quality work).  Frankly, I’m a little intimidated by the amount of work that must have gone into it.”  -Brent Beal, University of Texas, Tyler

“Overall, this book fulfills a need of our time and highly recommended for all stakeholders.” –Subhasis Ray, Xavier Institute, India

“A must have book: The concepts are contextualized whilst the pages are full of short examples of its application by organizations. At the end of each chapter it is shown a section of key-words, as well as an exercise list and two interviews covering the academic and corporate reality, respectively….Engaging and developing responsible management in organizations is possible… this book shows, with competence, how to get there.” – Amazon Customer “Ideia Sustentavel”. Full review here.


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