Work in progress: What´s on for 2014?

P1030287Another year is dawning. What are plans for 2014 at CRME? The graduate textbook “Principles of Responsible Management Education” which will be published 1st of January 2014 with Cengage, is the culmination of a five-year publishing journey. We are planning to work closer with a handful of pioneering educators who test the book in their courses, to improve the curriculum proposed by the textbook, and to develop a toolset of complementary materials.

Also, we are currently working on two collaborative workshops, and one symposium proposal on responsible management education for the Academy of Management 2014 meeting in Philadelphia, and on a symposium with the humanistic management network. There are another seven new books in the UN PRME Book Collection scheduled for 2014, and the a paperback version of the PRME undergraduate e-textbook “Responsible Business” is on the way with a major publisher.

A big priority will be to make the publications “count” in educational practice, to bring together contributors, lecturers, managers, students, and other stakeholders, to put the educational frameworks, and responsible management contents published to truly value-adding practice. Elements of this effort are our active participation in the UN PRME faculty development group, and the continued support given to universities around the world in designing and implementing courses to equip future responsible managers with the competences they require to make a difference.