Out Soon: Principles of Responsible Management Textbook (2nd Ed.)

CoverPrinciplesOfManagementWe are excited to announce that the second edition of the Principles of (Responsible) Management textbook will be published by SAGE soon. The electronic edition will be out end of January 2021 and the print edition in March 2021.

As the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education’s (PRME) first official textbook, the first edition had been used in hundreds of business and management ethics, responsibility, and sustainability courses. It has been made accessible to management students around the world as Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, and Spanish editions. The first edition had been reviewed by varieties of users and stakeholders. It has become a required book for courses in varieties of formats including undergraduate, postgraduate, executive education, corporate training, faculty development, and in Massive Open Online Courses as well as a reference handbook for management practitioners.

The first edition was originally written with specialized management ethics, responsibility, and sustainability courses in mind. However, it has also found a very strong user base in ‘mainstream’ introduction to management courses, where students learn management the ‘right’ way from their very first course on. The second edition has been re-geared to even closer match the needs of students and educators of such introductory business and management courses. The second edition features new chapters on leadership and decision making customary for such introductory courses. It also includes management practitioner profiles, and ‘true stories’, anonymized episodes of managerial challenges shared by actual managers.

At the same time, the book now also includes new and improved features for specialized courses, such as the ones related to responsible management, responsible leadership, corporate sustainability, business ethics, business and society. New features include the coverage of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout. It  includes hundreds of teaching cases and  examples of the most advanced practices in ethical, responsible, and sustainable management. The second edition also features 19 exclusive interviews with thought leaders, such as Sandra Waddock, Henry Mintzberg, Archie B. Carroll, Philip Kotler, Nancy Adler, John Elkington, Geert Hofstede, Linda K. Treviño,  Muhammad Yunus, and R. Edward Freeman.

This second edition is geared not only towards the ‘old normal’ management competences necessary for being an effective manager. It is also geared to towards the crucial ‘new normal’ management competences, necessary for managing ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. The second edition now titled Principles of Management: Practicing Ethics, Responsibility, Sustainability is the introduction to management textbook for aspiring managers in search of their positive role in the service of society and the planet. For more information, please click here.