PRMeHOW: Theory for Practice.

lightbulbThe PRIMEtime blog has done a splendid job highlighting good practices in responsible management education. However, there is much theoretical work out there that may be of value for practice application in responsible management (education).  RMeHOW aims to facilitate the use of such concepts and to translate them into responsible management education practice. PRMeHOW is an educational blog where concept creators explain the theory and give hands-on advice on how to use it in practice. PRMeHOW fulfils both functions dissemination of existing publications and as a sounding board for forthcoming conceptual work. It aims to foster innovative practices, and to support new research for responsible management education.

A pilot phase of PRMeHOW was kicked off at the AOM PDW on responsible management education in Philadelphia, with a new blog entry every second month from September 2014 on, to build an online compendium for responsible management education theory for practice. See all PRMeHOW blogs here.

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